Learn to code by building projects for nonprofits – Aprèn codi mentre fas projectes per a ONGs

Ok. Thats not about photography but you know my other passion are web development and altruism. Here:  two in one, and for free.

Això no va sobre fotografia, però sabeu que  les altres meves passions són el desenvolupament web i l’altruisme. Aquí us mostro un “dos en un”, i de forma gratuïta.

Your NonProfit needs coding help? Here you can find a solution!

Do you want learn code for free?  You can learn a highly valuable tech skill and build a portfolio of apps while helping a nonprofit? There’s a lot to like about Free Code Camp.

The online camp offers free, self-paced coding challenges online that will help you learn HTML, CSS, JavaScript (and jQuery), Node.js, database usage, and more—hundreds of hours of practice and learning projects that by the end should have you not only ready for a coding job but also have a portfolio of projects that have helped actual nonprofits.


Let's learn to code by building projects for nonprofits www.freecodecamp.com



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