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Photography Workshops in Nepal.

Em voleu ajudar? —   ¿Queréis ayudarme?  —  Do you want help me? ↓ English Do You know the workshops I’m teaching as voluntary around Asia? Next ones will be in Nepal! http://missatgerebut.com/tag/volunteer/ http://foto.missatgerebut.com/workshops/ http://foto.missatgerebut.com/category/creative-photography-workshops/ I have prepared a paypal form for donations. This time I don’t ask old cameras for …


Learn to code by building projects for nonprofits – Aprèn codi mentre fas projectes per a ONGs

Ok. Thats not about photography but you know my other passion are web development and altruism. Here:  two in one, and for free. Això no va sobre fotografia, però sabeu que  les altres meves passions són el desenvolupament web i l’altruisme. Aquí us mostro un “dos en un”, i de …

© Carnival Strippers | Susan Meiselas

Carnival Strippers | Susan Meiselas (NSFW)

  New England, 1972-1975. Susan Meiselas From 1972 to 1975, I spent my summers photographing and interviewing women who performed striptease for small town carnivals in New England, Pennsylvania, and South Carolina. As I followed the girl shows from town to town, I photographed the dancers’ public performances as well …

© Sophie Calle

Through his contact sheets – Sophie Calle

Que fa que una fotografia sigui bona i que una altra no? Com s’ho fan els grans fotògrafs? Tenen el mateixos problemes …

© Masao Yamamoto

Masao Yamamoto – haikus visuals

Masao Yamamoto s’inspira en la filosofia japonesa de Zen, i la creença que la meditació i la recerca de la bellesa juguen …

© John Casado - The Figurative Work

The Figurative Work – John Casado (NSFW)

“According to Jung, every person has a male and female inside of them, not necessarily in equal parts, but some remnant of …


Jason Florio – Portraits from Karen State People (Myanmar).

  (My translation in English is below the pictures.) Abans de marxar a fer els voluntariats cap a Myanmar i Tailàndia, em vaig …


Photos That Bear Witness to Modern Slavery: Lisa Kristine

No hi tinc res a dir. M’he quedat sense paraules. Tan sols demanar que mireu aquestes fotos. Si voleu comprar el llibre …


Km 42 School with the NGO “Colabora Birmania”

Precious time in km42 school, Mae Sot, thanks to Colabora Birmania

Precious time in STTC, thanks to Colabora Birmania

WordPress Workshop in STTC Mae Sot

 Precious time in STTC Mae Sot, thanks to Colabora Birmania

© Clara.GO-escultures per jugar. Doha airport-Qatar

Ray Bradbury – We Have Our Arts So We Don’t Die of Truth

Know only Real? Fall dead. So Nietzsche said. We have our Arts so we won’t die of Truth. The World is too …


Cartoons & Plastic Photography Workshop in Taung Ywar Thit (Myanmar)

In a workshop (volunteer) in the school of Taung Ywar Thit village (Myanmar), we were using transparent plastic to drew cartoon characters …


Bubble Project & Decisive Moment. Workshop in Taung Ywar Thit (Myanmar)

Using the Bubble Project to teach The decisive moment in Taung Ywar Thit. Català al final, ho sento… M’ha sortit així! :)

© Clara Go http://foto.missatgerebut.com


A vegades la gent que més et fa vibrar… Ni se n’entera…. per molt que passin els anys. (o això fa veure…) …


Voluntariat – HTML, Css Bàsic i Bootstrap a Bawdhitahtaung (Myanmar)

Aquest darrers mesos m’he dedicat a preparar diferents tallers per oferir com a voluntària de diferents matèries. Com per exemple de HTML …


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